Should The UK Build More Solar Panel Farms?

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20th April 2012
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12th February 2014
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Should The UK Build More Solar Panel Farms?


The UK has a stretching renewable energy target to meet. By 2020, we are expected to be generating 15% of our energy usage by renewable sources. In 2011, the target was to get to 4% but we only managed 3.8% with that being one of the poorest performances in the European Union.

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So, what can be done within the solar power sector to help the UK meet its demanding target? Well, one of the ways could be to allow more solar panel farms to be constructed but, as always, there are objections form a number of different sources to this option.

Yes, there is considerable value in being able to take our families out on a weekend to enjoy the beautiful UK scenery but surely there must be many green areas that are not even visible to members of the public on which solar panels could be sited in significantly large numbers? These locations that could be put to good use as solar farms should not upset the many lovers of the UK countryside and will only go some way towards helping the countries making up the United Kingdom meet their renewable energy targets.

Of course, it is important that the opinions of the local community should be actively sought but if we don’t see more solar photovoltaic panel farms being constructed are we going to have a realistic chance of achieving the target we need to? There must be a number of more remote locations that are never even visited by the public so why can they not be used?

As we start 2014, let us not forget that we only have six more years in which to get to where we need to be as far as our renewable energy target is concerned. As with many things in life, this target has more chance of being achieved if people unite and work together.

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